Couples today want a wedding ceremony that is totally tailored to their specific personality types and likes. Unlike a Church or the Registry Office, you will be provided the flexibility of a ceremony that is designed to reflect your style and have it celebrated at the venue of your choice.

You won't find any false airs or graces with me. I am a relaxed, easy-to-smile person who provides beautiful ceremonies that have been designed with you in mind, all delivered in a friendly style to you and your guests.

I thoroughly prepare every detail of the ceremony to ensure that it will run smoothly. I never allow any aspect to go unprepared or unplanned and will never be happy to simply "wing it" on the day. You have gone through a lot of time and effort to ensure all of the other parts of your day are totally as you had planned, so why would you expect anything less from your celebrant?

As a registered civil marriage celebrant, I keep myself updated through yearly ongoing professional training as required by the Australian Attorney General's Department, under whose authority I am registered. As a member of the Australian Marriage Celebrants Incorporated, I am regularly kept updated of any changes to Australian laws effecting the Marriage Act. I faithfully adhere to the Australian Marriage Act 1961 to ensure that you are legally married.

I am happy to meet with you at your home for your convenience.

You will be provided with a written quote so you will know upfront what my costs will be without any hidden surprises.

You are the centre of attention on your wedding day - no one else. I will even ensure that my clothing is not the same colour as your wedding party's!

I accept every person I meet in an open manner without pre-judgements or bias.

The PA system I use for ceremonies over a certain number of guests, is powerful with cordless hand-held mike, and a "Madonna" mike to free my hands up.

I provide a complete service from pre-ceremony through to post-ceremony. When lodging the marriage papers with the Registry Office, I can also include your application form for your Registered Marriage Certificate - which saves you the trouble of going in person yourself and providing 100 points of ID. (This is a mandatory document for individuals who want to change their name to their spouse's surname). It basically proves that the person has a recorded marriage under Australian law.

I totally support same sex marriages

My rates won't break your budget. Every ceremony is individually assessed and then priced according to the particular requirements.

I pride myself in the extra care and preparation that I bring to each ceremony. It's the little things that make my service professional rather than adequate, and the thoughtful touches that will make it memorable for you.

This is your day, and recognising this, I will ensure that it is celebrated in the manner that you particularly want.

Call me today - 0418 628 477

"Vivienne has a great blend of relaxed style with a flair for script and was able to include some humour into our ceremony, which we and our guests certainly appreciated. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a celebrant for whatever occasion. Thankyou for a wonderful day."

Bob and Donna